About Clientric

We have taken the initiative to bring your business to the next level!

We implement technology solutions in businesses to foster a connection between employees, prospects, and the marketplace.

This allows you and your team to do less of the shit you don’t want and more of what lights you up while driving both productivity and growth.

Our mission

Our mission is to streamline business growth using technology so that owners and employees can do more of what they love.

Our vision

We believe all businesses should have access to technology that will empower owners and employees to live the lives they want to live.

I'm on a mission to streamline business growth using technology so that owners and employees can do more of what they love. We should all be able to live the life we want, help others succeed, and make our dreams come true in the process!
Kasey LuftCEO & Founder

Kasey is the founder and CEO of Clientric. He is a self-taught data engineer who has spent many years helping businesses grow and thrive. His passion for data and business finally reached a tipping point when he saw businesses making the same mistakes over and over again. He now focuses exclusively on helping small businesses, as these are the ones that are most in need of help. Kasey believes that all businesses can thrive with the proper processes, and the best way to do this is by streamlining and automating the sales process. When he is not glued to his monitors, you can find him hiking with his wife and dog on trails near a lake.


Generate Results

At Clientric, it is important to us, to be constantly providing value in every interaction we have. We are committed to live up to the expectations we set with our clients, and pride ourselves on being consistent day in, and day out. We pride ourselves on setting realistic deadlines and believe that progress is greater than perfection.

Realize Your Potential

In our organization, everyone is a leader. Each individual owns their role and no one does it better. We are always thinking and asking questions as a leader would – “How will this affect the client and our company?” We pride ourselves on listening to understand, and not just to respond. Everyone has a voice at Clientric. Our team is committed to continually learning and growing. We are always thinking bigger!

Organize Effectively

At Clientric, we pride ourselves on being trustworthy and dependable. We manage our time effectively to always get the job done, no matter what. We love creating vision, not only in our professional life but also our personal life. Our team is always prepared and on time for calls, meetings, and deadlines. We aim to consistently over deliver.

Welcome New Challenges

We are always welcoming new challenges and are not afraid to admit when we are unsure or need help. We make sure to understand the problem fully before creating a solution. We pride ourselves on having a “never give up” mentality and always try to work smarter, not harder. We are committed to constantly innovating and trying new ways of doing things.


Growth & Scalability

We promise to always help you grow and scale your business only doing what is absolutely best for you. We do this through providing consistent and reliable services.


We promise to partner with you throughout the entire process. We want to work with you to ensure your success. Your success is our success so our businesses are forever intertwined.


We promise to support you the entire time you are with us. No question is too big or small, no problem is to simple or complex. We are here to help you along your journey and provide the best support we possibly can.

Money-Back Guarantee

Not many consulting firms are willing to put their money where their mouth is. We know the kind of work we do and we stand by it. That’s why we have a promise to offer a full money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our work.