To operate more efficiently and effectively, the Clientric Developers Team publishes a variety of extensions on Zoho Marketplace for our customers as well as other Zoho users to use.

Google Address Search for Zoho CRM

This extension helps you find complete addresses on Google Maps. Using this feature, you can ensure you have the right address anytime you need it. This extension works on minimum intrusion, as it only generates custom fields and single widgets—making it ideal for keeping your CRM from bloating.

To integrate this extension with Zoho CRM, you just need to generate a Google Places API Key and paste that into the extension settings. After that, the extension will be fully available to use.

Time Tracker for Zoho CRM

Time Tracker for Zoho CRM helps you record your time spent on any contact, deal, or account. You can also use it to charge accurate amounts based on your hourly rate and the total time spent on a task.
The extension is easy to use. Open a record and click on the Time Tracker button at the top right of the page and start the timer. The timer will record the time in the background while you work. When you want to close the timer, click on the Time Tracker button again to open the timer and stop it from there.

LawPay for Zoho CRM

The extension connects Zoho CRM with the LawPay payment gateway, allowing you to create an invoice for a contact in the CRM. This also enables you to import contacts from LawPay to Zoho CRM. Any invoice payments made by the contact are automatically recorded in Zoho CRM with a custom webhook generated by the extension. This allows for a smooth integration of the payment gateway within Zoho CRM so that you can focus more on your work rather than on manually recording all the finances.

Notes Search for Zoho CRM

The Notes Search for Zoho CRM extension allows you to easily and efficiently search through large volumes of notes in Zoho CRM. This extension also allows you to add, edit, and delete your notes.

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