Reasons to do a one-time investment in Zoho CRM

Well, there are plenty of CRM software tools in the market like Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc. But if we want good features at affordable prices, then there is no doubt that Zoho CRM is the best.

Zoho is one of the best options for customer relationship management(CRM) software in the market. The lower tiers of the pricing plans are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses and the upper tiers such as Ultimate work well for larger companies that have more needs and a bigger budget.


Here are the 5 reasons to do a one-time investment in Zoho CRM:

  • Affordable/Flexible Pricing – Zoho CRM offers a free version providing start-up businesses with basic CRM system functionalities. To enjoy its broad coverage and intuitive features, users can invest in its enterprise version available for only $35 per month. With Zoho CRM, you can guarantee that there are no hidden charges and forced contracts. The pricing is even flexible. You can choose to pay monthly or annually, giving you the freedom to decide what type of subscription is best for you. Once the payment has been made, you can immediately access Zoho CRM’s full features.


  • Third-Party Integrations – Zoho CRM can be easily integrated with your phone, email, website, and social media accounts. In Zoho Marketplace you will explore thousands of third-party applications, most of which are free, to make the product even more functional and adaptable. Also, if you can’t find it on the Marketplace don’t worry there is always Creator or Zapier as well! Also, you can easily embed any third-party application or even a custom webpage into your Zoho CRM account by using Widget SDK. Through this, you can easily design your interface and embed your company’s most used applications.


  • Save Time & Energy through Automation – At Zoho CRM, things are kept simple so that ultimately it makes it easy for users to close more deals in less time. The time that users spend on mundane tasks and manual data entry is drastically cut down with endless automation options like intelligent workflows, blueprints, and custom functions. From lead distribution to automated mail systems and other enormous processes can be automated with it. Zoho CRM makes sure you save your energy and time so that you can always have more focus to sell.


  • Easy to Use – The Zoho CRM interface needs little to no explanation. Everything about the software is made as straightforward as possible–from the terminology to the setup. So, don’t worry if you’re completely new to sales or if you’re not tech-savvy, because Zoho CRM is designed in such a way that everyone can use it.


  • Secure & Reliable – With Zoho CRM, you won’t have to stress about safeguarding your company’s critical data. Zoho CRM comes with advanced security features such as encryption, audit logs, IP restrictions, and two-factor authentication allowing you to conveniently protect your data against security threats. By providing access exclusively to users you have authorized, Zoho CRM ensures the strongest data protection like no other.


Conclusion- So, therefore, Zoho CRM is the best option for business owners in terms of its features, simplicity, and effective pricing as compared to other CRMs. So we will recommend everyone consider Zoho CRM as their priority. If you are facing any issues, or are still confused about which CRM will be best for your business and would just like to learn more about how CRM can help your business GROW, please contact us anytime at or you can visit our website by clicking here. We always love to help business enthusiasts!

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