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Technical Discovery

Technical discovery is all about figuring out what CRM you should choose or if you need general guidance/consulting help to determine the tool that is best for your business. Here we will dive into great detail about your requirements and provide pros/cons of all the tools. At the end, we will provide a final report with our conclusions and the best tool for your company.

Implementation Design

Implementation design is the best option for those businesses who already know what tool they want to use. During this session we will sit down for up to 6 hours diving into your full requirements, understanding your business and your needs fully. From there we provide a document that outlines your current process, your future process, the step by step instructions to create your future process, a timeline, and a quote for use to complete the implementation. We have built this package so that if you decide not to work with us, you can take these documents to another developer and have them implement exactly what we discussed.


After we have figured out what CRM is best for you, and provided you with a fully laid out plan, implementation is next. We will have a checklist of items we will send you for further clarification and items we will need from you in order to get everything running. We will also check-in weekly to make sure we have everything we need, provide an update, and answer any questions you have.

On-going Support

If you are in need of on-going support this is a great option. Utilizing our expertise and developers is easier for a lot of other companies who just don’t want to hire, or bring on another team member. We do monthly contracts, however, we are able to accommodate custom support contracts depending on your businesses needs.

Pick a plan that fits your needs

Technical Discovery
  • Two 1.5 hour sessions to discuss requirements
  • 5 hours of research
  • Final report outlining all requirements, options, pricing, ROI analysis, and recommended technical solution
Flat Fee
Implementation Design
  • At least three 1.5 hour sessions to discuss requirements
  • Many hours of research
  • Final report outlining current and future process map diagrams, requirements, implementation steps, rough timeline, and estimate
and up
  • The scope of the project will greatly impact the final price of the implementation.
in Implementation Design
On-going Support
  • Monthly contracts at $225/hr, yearly contracts at $1000/mth for 5 hours minimum + $150/hr after that.
for support contracts