Zoho Bigin: A market’s best CRM Solution for Small Businesses!

Zoho Bigin is a solid pipeline-based CRM solution for small businesses that is equally effective on PCs and mobile devices. With Bigin, small businesses can now manage their customer relationships more easily than ever. Whether you’re ready to move beyond spreadsheets or simply replace legacy sales tools.

All your prospect information, including emails, activities, tweets, and more can easily be captured in Bigin so that you have all the necessary information on hand to move the conversation forward. With the help of Zoho Bigin, you can easily manage your pipelines effectively and win more customers.

Now, let’s move forward to learn why Zoho Bigin is becoming the market’s best CRM Solution for Small Businesses.


What does Zoho Bigin do?

Engage Prospects-

  • Deploy web forms to capture your website visitors’ details.

  • Send and receive emails from within the product.

  • Keep a complete timeline view of every interaction with your prospects.

Manage Pipelines-

  • Customizable deal stages and options for multiple pipelines.

  • Workflows eliminate time spent on repetitive tasks.

  • Stay on top of your activities and follow-ups.

Close Deals-

  • Real-time notifications for better sales collaboration.

  • Make sales on the go with apps for iOS and Android.

  • Dashboards that give you an overall picture of your sales pipeline.



Calling – Contact your prospects and customers directly from your CRM. You won’t have to worry about manually updating call records anymore. Make every call more personal and productive with Bigin’s built-in telephony features.


Webforms – Bigin helps you capture leads from your website through customizable web forms. Quickly create and embed web forms on your site, and start converting high-intent website visitors into contacts.


Pipeline View – Organize your deals visually and intuitively. The pipeline view in Bigin gives you all the key information about your deals at a glance, freeing your sales reps up to spend more time on promising prospects.


Data Customization – Customize your CRM data by adding unique custom fields. Change the way you view your data through customizable list views, and use smart filters to quickly identify the information you need without going through every record manually.


Multiple Pipelines – Your CRM should help you smoothly handle all of your unique business processes. Zoho Bigin lets you create and manage individual deal pipelines for each different process in your day-to-day sales cycle.


Activity Management – Bigin helps you to maintain a clear overview of all your important activities, like tasks, calls, and events. Notify your teammates with a simple @mention, and work together to close more deals.


Workflows – Say goodbye to repetitive manual work. With easy-to-create workflows, you can automate routine tasks and maximize your selling time. Create workflows that help you track deal updates, set up email alerts, and more.


Products – Create a list of products, and automatically associate them with new deals. You can also apply discounts and keep tabs on the number of items that you’ve sold without having to leave the deal information page.


Data management & Security: 

Managing your data in CRM can be difficult, especially when you’re responsible for securing confidential customer data in your system. Bigin helps you handle and protect your customer data with ease, with its built-in privacy and data security features. Ensure that your important data stays in the hands of the right people, at the right time.


The following points support the above explanation-

Data Import/Export – Bigin helps you import data from your spreadsheets, automating the process so that you can get up and running faster. Similarly, you can export data from all the modules in your Bigin account and save them for later reference.


Roles & Profiles – With custom roles and profiles, you can replicate your organizational structure in CRM, and control who sees what information using profile-based access permissions. Share data with only the people who need it, and ensure your CRM is secure with controlled access to records.


Audit Logs – View a chronological log of every action performed within your Bigin account for improved documentation and compliance. Quickly restore any recently deleted information from the recycle bin. Bigin also allows you to make regular data backups.


GDPR – With Bigin, your data is secure and always will be. Hosted on the Zoho platform that puts privacy and data security at the heart of its business, Bigin complies with the EU’s latest data protection laws and helps your business become GDPR compliant.



Zoho Bigin is an excellent choice for sole proprietors and midsize businesses, thanks to its flexible pricing, customizable, and deep feature set.


There are plenty of more features available in Zoho Bigin which can help you to grow and manage your business, therefore I recommend it to every businessperson to take full advantage of. If you are facing any issues with it or would like to learn more about how it can help your business GROW, please contact us anytime at hello@clientric.co. We always love to help Zoho enthusiasts!


Written by Ritik Chandel, Client Success Manager

Clientric CRM Consulting

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