Zoho Campaigns: An email marketing automation software

Zoho Campaigns is an email marketing automation product that helps you reach your subscribers with the right message at the right time. Using pre-designed templates, layouts, and a drag-and-drop editor, you can create beautiful emails in minutes. Say goodbye to importing and exporting list data from CRM for the sync function in Zoho Campaigns takes over this chore for you so you can focus on growing your audience, customers, and sales.


What are the features of Zoho Campaigns?


  • Email Editor – Zoho Campaigns has an excellent email editor. You can choose from basic templates to make a customized email or create your own highly customized emails from the HTML builder. Alternatively, you can reuse a template you’ve created or choose one of Zoho Campaigns’ many fully designed email templates. Its drag-and-drop email editor not only lets you add images, text, videos, buttons, tables, and HTML snippets, but you can also change the layout and fully customize the design, as well as add polls, attachments, and calendar invites.


  • Contact Management – When you’re adding contacts to Zoho Campaigns, you can choose to add as many custom fields as you like based on the information that is important to you. For example, you might want to add a field to collect shoe sizes if you sell shoes. You can also choose the contact source, whether it came from a cold call, social media, a webinar, a trade show, etc. This helps you more effectively monitor the success of your campaigns.


  • Autoresponders – Zoho Campaigns helps you create autoresponders by providing a series of templates based on your goal and target audience. These automated series of emails can be triggered based on customer actions such as signing up for a list or not opening an email. You can base them on dates and time elapsed, or based around a season or event such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.


  • Reports – This software helps you track and monitor data from all channels, which you can then use to create detailed reports. You can analyze the statistics and graphs on various campaigns and use this data to determine which campaign did better.


What are the benefits of using Zoho Campaigns:-


  • Easy to use: Zoho Campaigns has a progressive and intuitive user interface that makes it quite easy to use. When you first log in to Zoho Campaigns, it displays a checklist of activities you should complete to create your first email campaign, and the list updates as you complete the tasks.


  • Save Time: By using Zoho Campaigns software, businesses can automate their regular marketing tasks quickly while saving time to concentrate on other marketing strategies. 


  • Build Relationships: The regular in-flow of data on daily customer activities helps personalize your interactions and improves them if need be.


  • Maintain Consistency: Using this software, you can maintain consistency by scheduling timely follow-ups for all your customers’ replies or achieve timely posting on all your social media channels without delays.




Zoho Campaigns is a platform built exclusively for email marketing—you bring in and manage the email database of your leads and contacts and send marketing emails to them. There are so many great features available in Zoho Campaigns that can help you manage and grow your business. For all those reasons, I highly recommend that every businessperson take full advantage of it. As a Zoho partner, we know it can be a little overwhelming to get familiar with Zoho Campaigns in the initial stage. If you are facing any issues or would like to learn more about it please contact us anytime at hello@clientric.co. We always love to help Zoho enthusiasts!


Written by Ritik Chandel, Client Success Manager

Clientric CRM Consulting


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