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Zoho CRM vs Clio CRM – Which One Better Suits A Law Firm

Law firms work on a specific pattern optimized for their domain and they have a specific way of dealing with clients and handling their contracts. Due to this specificity, they need a specific kind of CRM tool to keep functioning efficiently. 

Zoho and Clio are among the top contenders in this regard. Although, they are designed to do the same thing, but they differ in some aspects and we are here to help you choose which one would suit you better if you are running a law firm.


Clio is an out-of-the-box case management software that is built around what a standard law firm might require. It is in fact a great tool for lawyers. It has a lot of built-in tools like client intake management, case management and billing management etc. However, it does not provide many options for customization. Clio is great for you if your business model fits perfectly with the way Clio is designed to handle. But it does make you wish for more if you want to change things up a bit.

Zoho on the other hand provides a lot more options to make your CRM suit with your specific needs. This customizability comes in handy when your business model is complicated and doesn’t fit the Clio build. In such cases, instead of trying to fit your business model into the tool, you can just go with Zoho and customize your CRM exactly as you need it.

Set-up Time

As Clio is designed to fit the needs of a general law practitioner and doesn’t provide a lot of customization options, it is relatively easier and quicker to set up. You can have your fully functioning Clio CRM ready to go in in quite a short amount of time.

Setting up your CRM with Zoho and making it completely in line with your own specific business model takes much longer time. It typically takes two to three months to fully set it up and get it going. This is quite understandable, as Zoho offers a variety of ways a CRM can be set and a lot of functionalities that can be tinkered with.

Set-up Cost

With greater customization and shaping of your CRM to fit your needs comes a greater cost. Zoho has a lot more capability in terms of useful manipulation of data and utilities that Clio lacks. That is because Clio doesn’t provide the reins to the implementation side of a CRM to the user. However, it offers support that can help set up your system and kick start your CRM.

Zoho solution, thus costs a little more than Clio. But at the end of the day, your Zoho CRM is going to represent your way of business and it is going to work exactly as you want it to which in turn will make your business more efficient.

Hiring Experts to Set Up Your CRM

With Clientric, you can hire the services of professionals and experts that can set your CRM up for you. This proves to be a much more viable option for most law firms as each firm or individual lawyer has their own business model and it is better for them to have their CRM designed specifically to represent their own practices and methods.

The Zoho One package is highly recommended in this regard as it costs less than a lot of Clio subscription packages. Zoho One is a full package deal including access to a lot of useful features in addition to the CRM like a calendar booking tool, marketing automation tool, internal communications, etc. With this, you will not be needing any third party accessories and tools that you otherwise might have required with Clio.


Zoho is an all-in-one platform that allows your business to be fully customizable. That’s why a lot of businesses love it and that’s why they go for experts like Clientric to set it up for them. 

So if this is the kind of solution you are looking for and if you are thinking that an out-of-the-box solution is not going to fit your needs, make sure you reach out to 

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