Zoho Marketing Plus is a unified platform for marketing teams to bring all marketing-related activities together under one platform. Designed for businesses and marketers of all types, Zoho Marketing Plus is a great tool that increases the efficiency of your marketing efforts by consolidating various activities and streamlining processes. Through this unified platform, you’ll be able to connect with like-minded marketers and grow your online presence seamlessly.


Pros of Zoho Marketing Plus


User-friendly – Zoho’s Marketing Plus is simple and straightforward to use, and

enables its users to create platforms that can easily customize and integrate into a company’s systems.


Zoho Webinars and Zoho Meetings – If you’re running content marketing or direct marketing strategies, you can use Webinars and Meetings for workshops, webinars, etc. to share content or present offers.


Omnichannel Engagement – With the help of Zoho Marketing Plus you can manage all your marketing channels in a single account. You can also connect your email and social media accounts, and import your marketing data instantly.


Brand Management – With Zoho Marketing Plus’ brand management system, you can add new products to your portfolio that you’re interested in. Company logos can be added as well, that will help you brand your product and present it in a more professional manner.


Built-In Widgets – Zoho Marketing Plus provides you with ready-to-use widgets that will allow you to monetize your websites in the most effective way. You can use its marketing dashboard – including custom analytics – to build engaging content that will help drive traffic to your website and generate leads.


Website Optimization – The platform optimizes your website performance by providing you with detailed information on how it is faring. The tool helps you measure the performance of your entire website using key metrics such as load time, page views, bounce rate, and much more to help you get the best version of every page. It will also help you analyse the conversion rate of each page on your website to improve them accordingly.


Campaign Collaboration – In Zoho Marketing Plus you can collaborate with your team in real time. You can plan, comment, collaborate, share news, tag people or make announcements about the campaign digitally and share documents using the Discussions feature.


Time Saving – Zoho Marketing Plus has been created by combining all marketing apps such as Analytics, Marketing Automation, Events, Webinars, Social media etc. Thus, it will save you a ton of time as you don’t have to switch apps for different uses of your business.


Pricing – Not to mention, Zoho Marketing Plus is one of the most affordable platforms as compared to others in the world-wide market. It’s pricing starts from $25 per month and I don’t think any other platform comes close to this price range, so that’s also what makes it ideal for small to mid-sized businesses.



I believe there is much to be excited about when it comes to the Zoho Marketing Plus platform. For customers, it means unified everything and offering a consistent brand experience along with personalized engagement throughout their customer journey.

For me, the Zoho Marketing Plus platform has it all. It brings analytics and optimization, omni-channel engagement, campaign orchestration and personalization, and customer data management to the front. It facilitates planning and ideation, content creation and collaboration, document management and accessibility, and is easily extensible across any organization’s marketing stack. Even better, Zoho Marketing Plus starts at $25 per month – the price is right, the features are incredible, and there’s every reason to dive in and get started.

Therefore, it can be concluded that Zoho Marketing Plus is the ideal platform to implement if you are looking for quality features with affordable prices- both of which are important considerations for small and developing businesses. If you are still confused and need more professional guidance about it please contact us anytime at hello@clientric.co. We always love to help business enthusiasts!



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