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To facilitate the exchange of smart CRM solutions, Zoho has established the Zoho Marketplace where users can list extensions they’ve created with the Zoho Developer console. This archive of custom extensions makes it easy to find and exchange simple fixes for complex problems. Once an extension has been listed, other Zoho CRM customers will be able to purchase and install it directly from the marketplace.

What is Zoho Marketplace?

Zoho Marketplace can be considered a web-based store comprising Zoho Extensions, industry solutions, and custom applications. It will help Enhance the core capabilities of your Zoho products and get more done with the Zoho tools you use.

You can easily connect the other business applications you use with Zoho—no coding required! Integrate your business operations, create a more agile working environment, and help your teams do their best work with less time and effort.


What’s available for you in Zoho Marketplace?

Inside Zoho Marketplace you will find enormous extensions from 40+ categories for 23 Zoho products for every role and function in your organization. By installing it you can improve customer experiences, boost collaboration, break data silos, increase ROI, and more.


What are the benefits of Zoho Marketplace?

If you are a developer and you want to sell your extensions, then Zoho Marketplace is the best place for you. With Zoho Marketplace, your extensions will be listed and sold alongside the top Zoho CRM extensions. We have over 300,000 customers just waiting to discover your extension; let’s make it easy for them.


Here are some of the benefits-
  • An established customer base – Listing your extensions in Zoho Marketplace will give you access to over 300,000 customers.

  • Quality Control – We have guidelines to ensure the extensions in the Marketplace are top quality. Your customers will know that seeing your extension listed means you’ve made the cut.

  • Secure payment processing – To give you a hassle-free experience, extension payments are managed by Zoho.

  • A mutually-beneficial partnership – Your extensions make our core product more flexible. We make sure to treat our development partners right, providing top-shelf customer service with a fast response time. All you need to do is build an extension and list it in our marketplace and Zoho will take care of the rest!



If you are facing any issues in Zoho Marketplace or anything regarding Zoho and need some professional advice. Please contact us anytime at hello@clientric.co. We always love to help Zoho enthusiasts!

Wait! Did you know that we’ve been launching extensions at Zoho Marketplace?

We are Zoho Authorized Partners, and our developer team has been diligently working to create integrations, extensions, and widgets to assist business owners and Zoho Users like you.

We have released the following extensions:

  1. Time Tracker for Zoho CRM
  2. LawPay for Zoho CRM
  3. Google Address Search for Zoho CRM
  4. Notes Search for Zoho CRM.

All these extensions are available at Zoho Marketplace and if you need more information about our extensions, mail us at extensions@clientric.co



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