Zoho Projects – A Project Management Software

Introducing Zoho Projects:

Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management tool allowing you to prepare and implement tasks precisely. With Zoho Projects, you can easily assign tasks, communicate effectively with your team and clients, be informed on project updates, get detailed reports on work progress and deliver projects on time, every time.

With a ton of customization capabilities and features such as Gantt Charts, Blueprints, and Timesheets, Zoho Projects is a full-fledged project management tool that caters to the needs and requirements of companies from all types of industries.

Having a wide range of in-house and third-party integrations makes Zoho Projects one of the most integrated project management tools available in the global market.


Features of Zoho Projects:


Workflow Rules – Workflow rules let you effectively manage workflows with automated steps. For example, “When X happens, automatically do Y.” Here’s a concrete example: “When a team member checks off a task to indicate they shipped a project, it automatically updates the Ship Status field to Shipped.” Workflow Rules support webhooks, meaning you can create actions that use tools beyond Zoho Projects, such as alerting someone of an action in another app.


Efficient Management – Zoho Projects helps you track and predict budgets quite efficiently. It lets you compare the planned versus actual values of projects by looking at three factors at once: schedule, cost, and time.


Bulk Shifting Dates – This feature gives you more flexibility in changing a project schedule as you can alter all tasks’ start and end dates.


Time Tracking – In Zoho Projects, a built-in timer appears inside every task that you can start and stop to track how much time you spend doing the task. If you accidentally leave a timer running, it alerts you the next time you see it and caps the number of hours you can log for the day if you’ve exceeded an amount set by the account administrator. You can also log time manually, and time can be classified as billable or non-billable.


Data Visualization – Zoho Projects provides a dashboard for visualizing data and has many preset charts and widgets to take advantage of, although there is little to no customizability in this area.


Third-Party Integrations – Zoho Projects can integrate with an enormous amount of third-party applications. For example, you can easily use the video conferencing tool, Zoho Meetings, from the project management app. You can also integrate Zoho Projects with Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice to manage your accounting.

Zoho Projects works with Google Apps as well. When they’re connected you can upload files directly from Google Drive and export calendar events from one to the other. You can even use Gmail to create tasks and log hours worked.


Task Management – Zoho Projects provides users with a Kanban board, which is a visual tool for showing work within a project at different stages of the completion process (i.e. to-do, in-progress, etc.). Business owners will find this particularly useful as it’s one of the easiest ways to view multiple team members’ tasks at various stages of completion.

Although the Kanban Board is just a project viewing option, you also have other viewing options like Classic and Plain view. If you prefer a spreadsheet-like view, Zoho Projects has that too.



Overall, Zoho Projects can do the job for a wide range of businesses looking for project/task management software. It’s the best option out there for small to medium-sized businesses that want to keep a close eye on how their projects are progressing, as well as having all the project management tools they need in one place. One of the best features of Zoho Projects is its pricing, especially when compared to other project management software providers.


If you are still contemplating whether Zoho Projects would be a good fit for your business and need more professional guidance about it, please contact us anytime at hello@clientric.co. We always love to help business enthusiasts!

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