Zoho SalesInbox: Why Zoho SalesInbox is useful for Businesses?

Zoho SalesInbox is an email client designed exclusively to help salespeople stay on top of the most important clients and deals. Users can get their email and sales activities prioritized automatically according to their sales pipeline and deal stages. SalesInbox automatically populates work emails into the respective columns based on CRM data, which helps in keeping mailboxes organized for salespeople.


Why Zoho SalesInbox is useful for Businesses:

Zoho SalesInbox lets users perform CRM activities right from their email inbox and automates lead conversion processes. Users can set advanced rules or simply drag and drop emails to convert contacts into leads and deals. The user’s emails are kept in sync with their existing CRM system, and auto-suggestion features reduce contact search time.


Before hitting send on an email, Zoho SalesInbox offers its users contextual contact information including basic info, deal summaries, notes, and the contact’s entire history with the organization via timeline view. Businesses can quickly bring new hires up to speed and prevent any disruptions to sales processes due to employee turnover or role changes.


Zoho SalesInbox also allows users to sell in real-time with automated alerts and notifications for follow-up tasks. Email workflow tasks can be saved and associated with specific clients, while ‘ResponseWatch’ notifies users when a client fails to respond within a certain timeframe. The solution helps salespeople make the perfect pitch with personalized templates and email insights that tell which leads are listening.


Advantages of Zoho Sales Inbox:

Here are some benefits of using Zoho Sales Inbox as described below-

  • Zoho SalesInbox cleverly organizes users’ emails into columns, according to the way they have set up their CRM.

  • Users can search and filter leads by CRM criteria from deal size, closing date, or source, and apply email labels for more fine-grained searches.

  • Zoho SalesInbox enables users to automate lead conversion processes by setting rules or using drag and drop to create leads, contacts, and deals.

  • Prevent emails from going unanswered by scheduling automatic follow-up calls and events, with alerts and notifications for the conversations that matter most.

  • Zoho SalesInbox provides users with appropriate contextual information and a detailed contact history to help them craft the right message to customers.



There are plenty of more features available in Zoho SalesInbox which can help you to grow and manage your social accounts, therefore we recommend it to every businessperson to take full advantage of it. As a Zoho partner, we know it can be a headache to get familiar with ZohoInbox in the initial stage. If you are facing any issues with ZohoInbox or would like to learn more about it please contact us anytime at hello@clientric.co. We always love to help Zoho enthusiasts!

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