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Zoho Show – Cloud-based presentation software

Zoho Show is cloud-based presentation software that brings slide creation, collaboration, broadcasting, and publishing onto one platform. Create slides with awesome visuals (including charts, tables, and videos). It also allows users to share & collaborate on presentations and make remote presentations to clients.


Benefits of Zoho Show:

Zoho Show has an enormous number of options and supported features that make slide creation easy. Here are some benefits of Zoho Show shown below-


  • There is no limit on the number of presentations which can be uploaded to Zoho Show.

  • The program can also be used to give remote presentations to an audience that might be very far away.

  • Zoho Show offers many of the options of Power-point, like bulleted /number slides, importing images and clip art, flowcharts, linking to websites, and embedding videos.

  • Zoho Show reads presentations in different file formats and saves them to your desktop in various formats as well.

  • The software is available for iOS and Android devices to allow you to create presentations anytime, anywhere or for you to review your future meetings.

  • Zoho Show offers ready-made themes that will help you in save a ton of time.




When it comes to price, Zoho will always be the winner. For personal use, Zoho Show is free, and for business use, you only need to pay about $5 per month, which is quite low so it will work with most business’s budgets.



Zoho Show has everything that it takes to make good presentations at a reasonable cost. For all of those reasons, I highly recommend every individual to take full advantage of it. As a Zoho partner, we know it can be a little difficult to get familiar with Zoho Show in the initial stage. If you are facing any issues with Zoho Show or would like to learn more about it please contact us anytime at hello@clientric.co. We always love to help Zoho enthusiasts!

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