Zoho SalesIQ: To approach and follow up with the best prospects!


Zoho SalesIQ is a cloud-based customer engagement platform that helps businesses in a multitude of ways. This platform allows you to monitor website traffic in real-time, initiate proactive conversations with prospects/customers based on available data, and even automate conversations using chatbots. Furthermore, you can assign rules for lead scoring and company scoring to filter the best prospects to approach and follow up with, as well as set up interactive email campaigns.

Businesses can also create their knowledge base with Articles and FAQs in Zoho SalesIQ and set up chatbots to converse with the customers to collect data and answer basic queries using the data available in the knowledge base.

At a high level, the key features of SalesIQ include canned responses, enhanced B2B B2C contact management, transfers/routing, custom branding, live consumer-facing chat, audio call, screen sharing, options to build chatbots powered by AI, Automated triggers for proactive conversation, knowledge base, and web site visitor tracking.


Key Features     
  • Convert leads to clients: With the help of Sales IQ, you can create a customized flow of actions to turn web prospects into loyal customers. With automated triggers and chatbots, SalesIQ can react specifically to the behavior of each prospect on different web pages, allowing you to fine-tune your customer interactions.

  • Smooth out prospect commitment with automation: Through the help of Zobot (a chatbot offered by Sales IQ), a user can execute custom actions and responses related to your specific marketing, sales, or support process. Save your live agents time by using a chatbot to collect prospect data, sync information to your CRM, trigger targeted email campaigns, initiate one-on-one chats with the right live chat agent, and much more.

  • Conquer language obstruction: Conversations with international clients are made easier using Zoho SalesIQ’s continuous interpretation highlight, allowing you to communicate in their local language. Construct your notoriety all over the planet, and make your prospects feel comfortable at the same time.

  • Website tracking: Get an outline of prospect activity on your site including their traffic source, the pages they visit, the number of times they visit your site and for how long, which live specialists they’ve recently collaborated with, and their whole chat history. Proceed with allocating the visit to the right specialist with a simple click.

  • Lead Scoring: Being able to properly track website visits also allows SalesIQ to track and perform analytics on your visitor’s likelihood to convert. An algorithm is comprised of information such as every time they visit your website, how long they visit, and how many times they’ve reviewed your pages. This gives you an idea of which leads are most interested in your services. So if you’d like to track this more efficiently only to target your likely-to-convert leads, this is going to be a huge benefit for you.

  • Interface with CRM: Integrate Zoho SalesIQ with your Zoho CRM record to guarantee everybody has the full picture, regardless of which service they’re most interested in. View and add lead and contact subtleties, allocate follow-up tasks, and make notes of all without leaving the live-visit window.

  • Fully Automate your business by creating a bot: You can save a ton of time and energy by creating a bot for your website. SalesIQ provides a Zoho-bot where a bot can chat and solve queries of your clients on your behalf. Thanks to the Zoho Bot now you don’t have to worry about your business even when you are on vacation.

  • Compatible with every business: No matter what type of business you have, SalesIQ can assist you with developing efficient and measurable sales strategies along with satisfying all your client commitment plans.



Zoho SalesIQ provides a variety of features you can use to enhance your business output, even when you are off the clock. Through Zoho SalesIQ you can easily automate, and operate sales systems and engage with your ideal customers.

The best feature of SalesIQ which I love the most is the metrics tracking. It gives me such cool insights to know how many people visited my site, for how long, and what pages they are spending their most time on. Coupled with the automatic visitor score it gives me an excellent picture of which leads are likely to convert. That way, I can spend more time chatting with people who are keen on our services and reduce the amount of wasted time and energy on leads that will never convert. Without it, I don’t know what I would do.

SalesIQ will boost your business to new heights, and that’s why it is one tool I would recommend that everybody use. If you are facing any problems with Zoho SalesIQ or would like to learn more about how it can help your business GROW, please contact us anytime at hello@clientric.co. We always love to help Zoho enthusiasts!

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