Why do Real Estates Companies need Zoho CRM?

Real estate companies understand the importance of relationships in overall business, probably more than other businesses. The happier your customers are, the higher your chances of getting more business. They won’t hesitate to tell other people about your company, especially if you’re into commercial real estate. For this reason, Zoho CRM for Real Estate Companies has become very popular due to its diverse features and inexpensive pricing.


Why Choose Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM software is designed to allow you to seamlessly manage your real estate business from one platform whether you are at your office or on the road because the data is stored in the cloud. The system is designed to help you manage real estate leads, track lead generation campaigns, manage contacts, upload documents and contracts, and manage your calendar, meeting, and schedule.

Zoho CRM software systems help real estate agents efficiently and productively manage their businesses with minimal wasted time while improving the personalization of their communications.



Benefits of Zoho CRM:


Zero Data Leakage – By adopting CRM in real estate companies, brokers can address the issue of losing leads to manual systems like spreadsheets. Say goodbye to those days when sales teams have to input every lead in paper-based systems or Excel.

Faster Reply to Clients – With the help of Zoho CRM, real estate brokers can interact with clients’ queries much more quickly and efficiently. You can customize and automate the messages based on the specific action taken by the customer rather than responding to everyone manually.

Enhances Sales Productivity – Your sales team is probably one that is always busy, moving from one task to the other. When they’re not scheduling site visits, they’re following up on lead inquiries. By Adopting Zoho CRM in real estate companies enables you to automate most of your repetitive tasks so that sales team members can focus on other important things.

Third-Party Integrations – Zoho CRM can integrate your most important platforms with other channels, which will transform your sales and management process into an efficient streamlined workflow.

Email & SMS Automation – With the help of Zoho CRM you can automate the process of your email & SMS drip campaigns. Which leads to higher conversion rates and will keep your clients in the loop.

Proper Calendar Scheduling – Zoho CRM software can also ensure your brokers are not double-booked with different clients. With appointment scheduling and an in-built calendar, you can schedule team or client meetings without the need for any other application.

Managing Documents – Many Real Estate businesses are now shifting towards maintaining digital records of their clients. If your business is also aiming to be paperless, then it’s crucial to have an easily accessible portal where you can store all information. With the help of Zoho CRM, you can store and organize all paperwork securely.



Zoho CRM software is an investment that will provide enormous returns in the future. You will be able to advance business consumption and draw in additional clients. If you are still confused about how Zoho CRM can take your Real Estate Business to new heights and need more professional guidance about it please contact us anytime at hello@clientric.co or you can visit our website by clicking here. We always love to help business enthusiasts!

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Written by Ritik Chandel, Client Success Manager



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