Zoho Inventory – An Inventory Management Software

Zoho Inventory is cloud-based inventory management software that helps organizations make and manage sales and buy orders and track their inventory. Highlights of this tool include order management, stock control, distribution centre administration, and multi-channel selling, etc.


It has built-in shipment estimating, tracking and delivery confirmation features that allow users to invoice, ship and track products. The solution allows users to create purchase orders, backorders and drop shipments. Users can track every item in the inventory with serial number and batch tracking feature.


You can easily manage your inventory with start-to-finish tracking: With Zoho Inventory following, you’ll know where every item of yours is placed – and, you’ll at absolutely no point ever forget about anything in the future, giving you extreme genuine serenity. The application additionally gives helpful suggestions to buy stock and shows precisely which items are running short, so there will never be any mystery engaged with your stock orders.


Key Features –

Here are the following key features you will find in Zoho Inventory –


  • Accounting and e-commerce integration

  • Stock reporting

  • Bundles, kits, and variants

  • Centralized inventory system

  • Regular shipping updates

  • Extensive insightful reports

  • Batch, item, and serial number tracking

  • Inventory level dashboards



When it comes to pricing, Zoho Inventory is the clear winners among all. A free version is available for up to 50 orders and 50 shipments per month.


Zoho Inventory pricing comes in 4 variants as given below –


  • Standard – $59/month. It includes 1500 orders & 1500 shipments per month.

  • Professional – $99/month. It includes 7500 orders & 7500 shipments per month.

  • Premium – $159/month.  It includes 15000 orders & 15000 shipments per month.

  • Elite – $239/month. It includes unlimited orders & unlimited shipments per month.



Zoho Inventory is one of the best business Inventory management platforms you have come across. Its collaboration features are really useful and it’s really easy to use. The free version is great and the paid-for versions are even better. It’s a really good, affordable option for any business looking to set up or upgrade their inventory management system. If you are still confused about how Zoho Inventory can be useful for your Business and need more professional guidance about it please contact us anytime at hello@clientric.co . We always love to help business enthusiasts!

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