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Zoho Consulting Partners sell, manage, and implement Zoho solutions. Most importantly, they provide direct training and support for your business and can help make the most of your technology investment.

Zoho Consulting Partners enable customer success by identifying the right set of Zoho tools to address the unique needs of each business. These qualified implementation experts aim to provide a unified customer experience and deliver outstanding services such as business scoping, implementation, sales and support.


Types of Zoho Partners

The tier system for Zoho Partners provides recognition and differentiation of partners in the eyes of customers and prospects. Partner tiers are primarily based on revenue accomplishments. Tenure and engagement with Zoho will also play a qualitative role, especially for partners who are not primarily focused on CRM.

The following types of Zoho Partners are as follows:

1. Authorized Partner: Any partner with at least $5,000 in annual revenue qualifies as a Zoho Authorized Partner. This allows them access to many Zoho facilities and privileges.

2. Advanced Partner: This includes partners who have generated an annual revenue growth of at least $75,000 from the previous year. In some cases, Zoho has lowered the mark if the partner had a sufficiently large revenue base.

3. Premium Partner: This includes partners who have achieved a revenue growth of at least $200,000 from the previous year. This represents the top-most partner tier.

Services We Offer:

Clientric is an authorised partner of Zoho; we offer customers customized Zoho solutions for their business requirements after thorough analysis and study. We help our clients with onboarding, training, and servicing through live support so your team can run your business smoothly.

Here are some more benefits we provide to our clients:

  • High ROI (Return On Investment): At Clientric, we work with business owners to help them expand their overall revenues. We aim to be top Zoho consultants, here to assist with developing solutions for your business necessities. We offer clients live conference meetings that permit us to comprehend problem areas in the business and find solutions that work.

  • Special Integrations: We have highly skilled and experienced developers that can integrate Zoho’s technology with your newly developed products; ensuring to meet customer requirements and create new business opportunities. We assure you that with our support, your products and services will get visibility in the Zoho Marketplace.

  • Consulting and Custom Services: As an Authorized Zoho Partner, we collaborate with our clients to understand and analyse how their businesses work. A thorough study of your business allows us to identify the best possible solutions to ensure higher efficiency. Zoho CRM is fully customizable, and we are well versed in the features and constant upgrades provided by Zoho. This allows us to offer the best guidance and solutions to our clients.

  • Support: We have our own support team that is timely, efficient and capable of solving your business issues related to Zoho. If you are in need of ongoing support, this is a great option. Utilizing the expertise of our support staff and developers is an easy solution for companies that may not want to hire additional staff. We offer monthly contracts as well as custom support contracts depending on your business needs.


We know that choosing an ideal Zoho partner or consultancy can sometimes be a difficult choice. The main things a Zoho partner should provide are trust, open communication, and exceptional services and support. We can proudly say that our company meets and exceeds those expectations. We have highly-trained professionals who carefully implement Zoho CRM solutions in line with your business goals and objectives, and we are efficient in our approach to ensure projects are delivered on time and stay within approved budgets.


If you are facing any issues, struggling with setting up your Zoho account, or would just like to learn more about how we can help your business GROW, please contact us anytime at hello@clientric.co. We always love to help Zoho enthusiasts!




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